Our game actually deals with the great adventure of a box. Although this adventure game seems to have a very simple gameplay, when you play the game you will understand that you need to control your nerves. Because this game is really difficult and does not forgive mistakes.

The enemies of our game consist of boxes just like himself. Even if we say that the game is literally going through the world of squares, we are not mistaken. Although the mechanics of the game seem to be just bouncing, it's actually time-dependent and you pay for the wrong bounce.

In the subtitle of the game, there is Deadly Mode which starts from zero when it touches the enemies no more than 2 times to give the name No Mercy. In this mode, the game is both extremely difficult and extremely nervous. It's also ideal for psychopaths. Casual Mode is the easiest mode of the game. If you light up to 5 times in this mode, you start from the beginning of the section you are on.

There is a Market feature that you can save and spend points or tokens in the game. You can buy new characters from the market. If you don't like your character, you'll need to accumulate to try other characters.

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
PublisherHemoloya Games
Release date Oct 31, 2019
AuthorHemoloya Games
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Construct 2, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Turkish



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